General What to look for when Choosing a Security Company

What to look for when Choosing a Security Company

What to look for when Choosing a Security Company

When choosing a Security Company to patrol your subdivision, there are a lot of factors to keep in mind and doing your research early will save you time and money down the road.

The following is just a small sampling of some of the things you want to take into consideration when choosing a security patrol company:

Company History:
How long has the company been in business? Who owns the company? Does the owner play an active role in the company? Is the owner a commissioned security guard or private investigator or personal protection officer?

What kind of experience does the owner have? What kind of experience do the security officers have that are hired? Do they have police or military experience?

Do the security officers have any specialized training? Are they Bike Patrol certified? Do any of the security guards have CPR/First Aid training? Are all the security guard’s firearm certifications up to date?  Are their commission cards up to date? Are they required to take Continuing Education courses?

Services Offered:
What services does the company offer in addition to just driving a patrol car around? Do they offer package pick up during the day if you get a delivery from UPS or FEDEX? Do they offer “elderly care welfare checks?” There are a lot of services that a security company can offer besides just “driving around the neighborhood.”

Is the company a BBB member?

Does the company belong to any Associations like IPMBA, ASSIST, ASIS or other organizations?

Is the company licensed by the state and in good standing?

Is the company Insured?

Do the security officers have a uniform they wear?

Does the company offer 24/7 Call Service? Meaning – will the company send a security officer to answer a call even if it is during non-contracted hours?

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