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Dear Neighbors

Dear Neighbors,
I was riding around my neighborhood last night and what I saw really concerned me. There were so many homes that were dark – meaning there were no outside lights on at all. One of the cheapest ways to deter crime is a lit up house at night. Criminals don’t want to be seen so they will naturally stay away from homes that have front porch lights ON, back porch lights ON, lights over garage doors ON or lighting down the side of their homes.

If they have a choice between breaking into a dark home or a lit up home, which do you think they will go for?

Also, I was able to see CLEARLY into MANY homes – ok now listen, I was not stalking….. 🙂

From the street, I was able to see clearly into living rooms and kitchens and sometimes all the way to back of the house depending on the configuration. Those pretty sheer curtains that you can’t see through during the day, are very see through at night if a light is on in the room or in the room next to it. Blinds were left open also. Some windows did not even have any blinds or curtains. I don’t say this to scare you, I want you to be aware. If you think no one can see you in your house, please think again if any of the above applies to you.

Go outside your house during the day and then go outside at night. Look at your home yourself….. are you able to see through your blinds, drapes or bare windows?
Also, please don’t think that if you have a wood fence in your backyard and no window coverings on your back windows, that someone still can’t see in.

Look at your door locks. If you have double keyed cylinders, do you leave the key in the door when you are not home? If so, is there a window near that lock so all the burglar has to do is break the window, reach his hand in and turn the key?

How about your windows? Do you have window locks on them?

For goodness sake, if you can see into your neighbor’s home and they have no clue, please tell them. And on the flip side, if your neighbor cares enough about your safety to say something, please don’t sass them back.

Let’s all be safe together.

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